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Live Review: Ryan Hemsworth re-imagines the euphoria of Rina Sawayama's 'Cherry'

12 October 2018 | 3:50 pm | Holly O'Neill

Wholesome club boy RYAN HEMSWORTH got his hands on the stems of the RINA SAWAYAMA's 'Cherry' and reshaped it into a dreamy wonderland of spacious pop.

We've talked a fair bit on Purple Sneakers about RINA SAWAYAMA's euphoric anthem and joyous single 'Cherry', but it's only because we just can't get enough of its cheesy pop stylings and themes of unabashed self curiosity. Someone else who can't get enough of Rina? Wholesome club boy RYAN HEMSWORTH, who's just gotten his magic producer hands on the stems of the track, and re-imagined it as a dreamy wonderland of spacious pop.

Across all his production, Ryan Hemsworth creates the most weird and wonderful connections between sounds and samples, bringing disparate sounds together to create a beautifully cohesive soundscape. Where the original directly references traditional pop composition and songwriting, this musical collage is a feast for the ears and creates a totally different story for 'Cherry'.

The wistful vocals of 'Cherry' are a perfect match for Hemsworth's oddball sampling and sonic pastiche. Broken guitar chords back old school drum machines, and ref's whistles pierce through textured bass wubs. Classic vinyl scratches and 808 drum patterns are a loving homage to the nineties, linking into Sawayama's initial vision for the track.

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In a music landscape where the genre lines keep getting blurrier the main element hooking in listeners is a unique authentic sound. Both Rina Sawayama and Ryan Hemsworth are pop prophets, creating music that is true to themselves and finding eager audiences in the process. Fingers crossed this remix can sees the pair join forces in the futures for a proper collaboration!