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Live Review: Ribongia flexes his multiple talents on 'My Word'

15 February 2016 | 2:48 pm | Aiden Benavides

RIBONGIA flexes his talent by showing that he knows how to producer an absolutely banging track with his latest 'My Word' featuring rapper HANCOQ...

Sydney producer RIBONGIA flexes his talent by showing that he knows how to produce an absolutely banging track with his latest 'My Word' featuring Melbourne rapper HANCOQ who spits flames over the tropical themed beat.

'My Word' is so enjoyable for many reasons, the beat is constantly evolving so it's never dull and the heavy trap bass kick mixed with the jungle drums make for a interesting combination especially mixed with other tropical/jungle elements like the pan flute sample heard throughout.

The other thing that makes this track great is the raps done by Hancoq who spits some extremely clever rhymes and has solid flow throughout the entire track while having a great delivery that avoids the bogan rap accent that many Australian rappers seem to have and that turns many people off from Aussie hip hop.

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'My Word' is the latest single to come out of Ribongia's forthcoming project ep which is set to release March 25th, if 'My Word' is any indication we can expect it to be full of great production and hopefully more great features.

Words by Aiden Benavides