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Live Review: PREMIERE: Ribongia enlists Bastien Picot for introspective slow-jam 'Gone'

25 October 2018 | 10:36 am | Caitlin Medcalf

After the release of his debut LP MAAT at the beginning of 2018, Sydney's RIBONGIA has been through a heck of a lot. He relocated soon after the record's release to France's Reunion Island to complete an artists residency there. Going through the loss of his father and a rough breakup, his time there has been nothing short of experiential and reflective.

Whilst he was there, he got to know a local musician by the name of Bastien Picot. Of their relationship, Ribongia says:

"We spoke at length about obsessive thoughts related to the loss of someone and how stupid our brains can be in these circumstances. The lyrics of ‘Gone’ were born from these conversations."

And 'Gone' is a track that we're very excited to be premiering today at Purple Sneakers.

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It marks the first in a run of changes for the producer, including the first independent release on his new label deal with Believe Music, but also the first taste of a different sort of sound from him.

It begins with a delicate bout of production, perfectly complimenting Bastien's vocals - I think through this track, you can really see that the two share a great bond beyond just the confines of musical exploration. Both the track and the vocals stay perfectly in stead with one another throughout its entirety, and I think the word I'm really looking for here is balance.

There's classic Ribongia touches throughout, including an epic percussive breakdown at the end that may sound out of place, but in the context of this track, it's quite perfect.

I think the most beautiful and sincere forms of art are created as a form of therapy, an outlet if anything. Ribongia's not afraid to share this part of his journey with us, and as scary as sharing such feelings may be for anyone, this release is incredibly important.

He rounds off his conclusions of the track by saying "Although it is a bit of a gloomy number (I admit), I like to think of the song as a triumph over despair, somewhat of therapeutic release. For anyone going through some shit I hope this gives you a little strength.”

Photo by Cole Bennetts