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Live Review: Retiree’s new single 'Gate' is as thought provoking as it is dance worthy

9 May 2019 | 10:14 am | Parry Tritsiniotis

Back from their 2018 record “House or Home” Retiree return to their unique signature soulful sound with their new single, “Gate”.

Politically driven, thought provoking synth pop? That alone sold me on the new RETIREE track 'Gate'. They’ve released this track alongside news of their debut UK tour, and the Sydney 3 piece look set to conquer the world with their perfect blend of rhythm and sentiment in their music.

'Gate' was created during the sessions for their 2018 record House Or Home. Despite being made on the cutting room floor of what was a stellar album, the track sonically strays away from their previous work, despite close links thematically and sonically to House Or Home.

The band's broad influences are packed densely into the four minutes and 30 seconds of the track. The lead synth line directs its emotional plot line. Surrounding it is a whirlwind of funky percussion and drums, a killer bass line and Tori’s whispery and unique vocal delivery. The track effortlessly transitions betweens highs and lows, giving its hook an infectious, anthemic quality. The combination of these provide for a powerful dance worthy pop song with a gloomy, seductive edge to it. It’s as synthful as it is soulful and perfectly appropriate for a solid two step on a disco ball lit dance floor.

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Despite potentially being misled by the groovy production of the track, 'Gate' is as thought provoking as it is dance worthy. The lyrics add to the discourse surrounding Australia’s treatment of refugees. “Don’t close the gates before I go” connote to ideas of isolation, theft and mistreatment, suggestive of Australia’s unsympathetic and callous off shore processing and detention of asylum seekers. The hushed vocal delivery of the track gives these words an even deeper meaning, and haunts the listener emotionally, as they enter the deeper connotations of the track.

Combining a funky pop song with critical, confronting lyrics surrounding social issues creates an energy unlike no other. Music is a powerful form of expression, due to its ability to educate and give voices to the seemingly voiceless. Retiree are using and manipulating this power for the betterment of Australian society and to be frank, I’m all for it.