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Live Review: Recluse presents an electro-pop daydream with 'Make Me Feel' featuring Evangeline

2 December 2018 | 7:12 pm | Max Lewis

Melbourne electronic producer Recluse serves up a reverb-soaked pop daydream on 'Make Me Feel' ft. singer-songwriter Evangeline.

If you're looking for new tunes to put on while you stare out a train window and dream of a better life, look no further than Melbourne up-and-comer RECLUSE and his unique brand of spacey electro-pop. There's no better place to get started than his most recent drop 'Make Me Feel' featuring Melbourne singer-songwriter (and frequent Recluse collaborator) EVANGELINE.

With a handful of releases, remixes and collabs under his belt, Recluse has been slowly perfecting a formula that blends deep house with the driving pulse of club music and the reverb plugins pushed to their limits. After dropping the 6-track instrumental EP SILVER FANGS back in October, he's back to his more electro-pop ways on 'Make Me Feel', which serves as his most refined and accomplished cut yet.

Woozy pads and a synthetic flute melody paint the dreamy picture of 'Make Me Feel' before Evangeline's breathy vocals take it all the way. From there the track builds layered flute harmonies that play with Evangeline's restrained vocals, before an explosive climax of booming percussion that keeps the listener grounded while giving the track a club-friendly edge that rounds everything out nicely.

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Lacking a traditional verse-chorus structure, it's more about building an atmosphere than creating energy with 'Make Me Feel'. That being said, with masterful production Recluse has again aced his delicate relationship between brooding electro-pop and pounding club goodness. He's shown more and more promise with each release, and 'Make Me Feel' stands as proof all eyes and ears should be on whatever he comes up with next.

Photo by TOGAR

Words by MAX LEWIS