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Live Review: Lovely Head's 'Show Up' gets an moody flip from Rebel Yell

3 July 2017 | 8:47 pm | Holly O'Neill

REBEL YELL re-imagines LOVELY HEAD's track 'Show Up' featuring a brooding, electronic soundscape juxtaposed with fragile, ethereal vocals.

Sydney label Feral Media and Brisbane label LoFly, have released a new joint compilation as a part of their 'Strain of Origin' series where they approach artists to remix each other's work. One of the artists chosen was REBEL YELL who flipped LOVELY HEAD's track 'Show Up' as well as one of her tracks being remixed by Aphir. The re-imagining of 'Show Up' features an interplay of the vocal and instrumental, as a brooding electronic soundscape is opposed by fragile ethereal vocals.

Only the vocals are kept of the original track, with Rebel Yell's pulsing industrial sounds completely altering the track's mood. Feeling almost like an intense shoegaze track, the compressed synths mimic an electric guitar with their slow moving warbles and squeaks.

Rebel Yell's ADM sensibilities bring a harsh edge to this soothing track, with her analog synths working alongside Lovely Head's echoing vocalisations. They bring a darkness to the track along with the vocals that sound haunting against this change in key.

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Despite being such a varied compilation, all the tracks on Strain of Origin VI have a similar vibe bringing more downtempo and atmospheric interpretations of their chosen tracks. Australian artists like Bilby, Reuben IngallTangents and many more are featured, all showing that the underground electronic scene is strong in all corners of our country.

The compilation is free to download now along with every other previous compilation. If you've been meaning to get on top of some varying flavours of homegrown electronic music you now have no excuse not to.