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Live Review: Ray BLK has released a empowering new single 'Lovesick'

19 October 2020 | 12:29 pm | Claudia Fallon

British singer/songwriter Ray BLK is back with a saucy new single 'Lovesick' that will have you feeling like a million bucks and counting.

Hot to the touch and burning with fierce feminine energy, British artist Ray BLK (aka Rita Ekwere) is back with a saucy new single titled 'Lovesick', which will have you feeling like a million bucks and counting. Following her latest body of music Empress in 2018 and a slew of singles in 2019, Ray BLK has returned to 2020 with a defining track, embodying the true force of her slick vocals that verge on smooth rap verses. Empowering us all with her exceptionally forthright and witty lyricism, this artist is clearly hot property on the music scene. Making bold moves to stand up for women around the world, especially in the music industry, this formidable force has much more to come as the release of her upcoming debut album approaches.

Don't get on the wrong side of Ray BLK, as this fiery queen won't hesitate when taking her revenge. The injustices of today won't stop her from flaunting her feminine prowess in an industry that still pertains many inequalities. Whipping out all her might and power through her passionate vocals, she tells a story of navigating life through disrespect in love, feeling misrepresented in the music industry as a black female artist, and proving to the world that success is the greatest form of revenge. Over a booming bass, verses that are laced with crisp beats, and sleek, smooth, and intoxicating vocals that are tenacious and bold, this new single hits in all the right ways. Finessing her lyrical skills, 'Lovesick' is the perfect mood booster that encourages you to become your best self, and leave the mess of life behind. Moving forward as a reformed woman, Ray BLK packs a punch with incredibly catchy beats that bring out the bad bitch in us all.

Ray BLK spoke about the meaning behind her track saying, “Lovesick is a revenge song. It’s about taking control and reclaiming your power after being disrespected in a relationship and getting even. I’m always trying to empower women not to take disrespect sitting down but to keep a distance from people who don’t make them feel good about themselves and boss up because success is the best revenge."

Known for speaking her mind and never holding back, the 26-year-old artist is making music that reflects her inner thoughts and her observations of the world around her. “I always have to get everything off my chest,” she says. “As an artist and somebody who's been blessed with a platform, I feel like it is part of my responsibility.”

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Empowerment is a big theme that is recurrent throughout her upcoming debut album which is set to take direct aim at issues in the industry and broader society through her evocative lyricism and flawless sound. "It’s a big theme of not just this song but my overall debut album," said Ray BLK. "Even me rapping on this song was me taking back control, as a black female artist in the UK there’s a lot less support all round, including in getting features from other artists."

She continues to say, "There’s a new wave of outspoken female artists who aren’t afraid to take full ownership of their sexuality and remind women that they are in control, and to only give their time to relationships that are valuable to them and make sure they are being cared for because a woman of value isn’t free and I co-sign that."

'Lovesick' also comes with a bold and fierce music video that shows Ray BLK taking hold of the power that comes with being a female, through symbolism that reflects her strong connection with womanhood, and being someone who is independent and fully capable of taking care of herself.

As the first single taken from her forthcoming debut album, 'Lovesick' is a true reflection of feminine empowerment, defiant in the face of a society and music industry that is yet to fully cater to female artists. Raising issues that still need to be addressed and confronted, Ray BLK speaks for the many who are voiceless, using her platform to make tangible change and embolden the role of females in relationships, society, and the music industry. With a smooth sensual vibe, her new track is the first of what is sure to be many more stand out tracks to come with her debut album on the way. With such an infectious vibe, Ray BLK is a voice for change with her enlightened sound.


Image: Ray BLK Facebook