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Live Review: RAY BLK tells it how it is in her new attitude filled single 'Doing Me'

15 June 2017 | 10:27 pm | Natalie Turner

For all you sass-driven, synth filled rap fans, RAY BLK has once again returned to our airwaves with another track for your ‘IDGAF’ alter-ego, 'Doing Me'.

For all you sass-driven, synth loving rap fans, RAY BLK has once again returned to our airwaves with another track for your ‘IDGAF’ alter-ego.

We’ve been following BLK (aka Rita Ekwere) since her mini Album Durt hit the R&B/rap scene earlier this year and have been obsessed ever since, as well as taking out BBC's Music Sound of 2017. Her knack for incorporating addictive sounds with flowing and honest lyrics has placed her at the pinnacle of the 21st century rap game.

From the very first track, her album wasted no time in showcasing her talent, with each song confidentially delivering a mature yet playful soundscape to awaken your inner diva. SG LEWIS, STORMZY and WRETCH 3 have all made an appearance in support of this talented artist, curating her album into a pedestal that places her right next to UK's best. Her previous single ‘Patience (Freestyle)’ is a testament to her free flowing, punchy vocals and perfectly aligned soul and R&B influences, which are two things that her latest track, ‘Doing Me,’ has in common.

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The track is an in-your-face burst of confidence from start to finish, immediately kicking any doubt you had in your mind to the trash. Background falsetto vocal-samples and her own vocally driven chorus create a perfect contrast to her punchy rap versus. She tells the world how it is, “A short skirt doesn’t mean that I want it, my appearance doesn’t represent my wallet,” and she’s undoubtedly made her opinion loud and clear.

BLK has built a name for herself using her honesty, being one of many talents she possesses, and ‘Doing Me’ is yet another example. Her latest effort provides us with the foot-tapping, strut-inducing banger we’re used to hearing from her, but is a platform for cultural questioning. Ray Blk explained, "It's about being yourself no matter what and not caring about judgement. People are going to judge you whether you do bad or good so you have to do you regardless!" She’ll leave you humming this track for hours as the melodic structure and up-beat tempo create a perfect accompaniment to her dynamic lyrics, leaving you wanting more and more... and more.

Unfortunately Australians miss out on her latest tour as she heads around the US, UK and Europe, but let's hope she heads Down Under soon. For now, sit back and let BLK take the reigns as she teaches you how to transform your confidence into an day-to-day essential.