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Live Review: 'Collide' with Rando's new summer bop

2 December 2016 | 1:28 pm | Jackson Langford

At the time of writing, there's about 36 hours until summer is finally upon us and RANDO has snuck in last minute with what is immediately an essential for any Summer playlist. The 18-year-old producer from Bunbury is completely unashamed about his aim to give us tropical bops until the cows come home, and if 'Collide' is anything to go by, it's hard to foresee that we'll ever get tired of it.

'Collide' well and truly hits all the qualifications for your standard sunny tune, but does so in a way that doesn't feel exhausted or cliché. Rando's production is both understated and in your face, as he milks every moment with throbbing synths and soaring melodies that send the listener on this whirlwind of heat waves, sandy toes and the cool, cool ocean breeze.

Rando, apparently, also has a knack for scouting some seriously appropriate vocal talent for his skilful production. This time, in comes in the form of Akeera, a 19-year-old vocalist hailing from Los Angeles, which deems her even more appropriate to hop on this track. Her vocals float dreamily along each ebb and flow of Rando's production, and both make sure to never overshadow the other - a trait that a lot of our largest producers still haven't quite managed to nail. Beyond that, she's managed to work in the phrases "palm trees", "California coast", "beach bums" and "sun's out" in the first three lines of the song - in case you don't fully understand yet, this is a SUMMER JAM, and one this guy can't get enough of.

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Keep your eyes peeled on Rando. He is destined to heat up more and more if he keeps dropping tunes like this one.