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Live Review: Raj Mahal unleashes thumping new track, 'No Suckers'

4 September 2019 | 10:27 am | Parry Tritsiniotis

Raj Mahal's 'No Suckers' is an abrasive beast set to ring ears and gather traction. It acts as an interesting taster for his forthcoming album.

RAJ MAHAL is one of the most interesting rappers in Sydney’s bubbling local scene. He moved to Australia from Detroit to link with his producer, Domba. Raj quotes this move as a necessary one, “to find myself not only as an artist, but as a human being.” (via lifewithoutandy). His latest track, ‘No Suckers’ is a key chapter in his move down. Produced by Domba, the track is a highlight in his discography. It’s an abrasive beast set to ring ears and gather traction across the country. 

The track is genre defying and experimental. It signals an abrasiveness that is untouched in Australian rap. Raj’s muddled identity is portrayed throughout, with various random changes in vocal delivery and aggression. The aggression is as captivating as it is infectious. It creates a raging energy, one perfectly suited to a grimey club mosh pit. The aggression however isn’t overpowering. Its refined and concerned, a perfect balance for comfortable casual listening. The beat is as gritty and grimey as the vocal delivery itself. A rumbling bass line, eery synths and vocal chops create a fearless vibe. 

The film clip mirrors the aura of the track. Directed by Chris Anderson, the black and white shot video features Raj as a prisoner in some unsettling environments. Whether deep in interrogation, trapped in a picture frame or on death row, the video takes the track to another level conceptually.

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‘No Suckers’ is a menacing, concise rap exemplar. It's an interesting taster of what's to come on Raj Mahal’s forthcoming project, and an exciting landmark in the unique career path of Raj Mahal

Photo via Facebook