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Live Review: Rainbow Chan dances with fragility on new track 'Pillar'

4 June 2019 | 1:00 pm | Parry Tritsiniotis

Returning from headline shows in one of the most versatile Australian pop artists Rainbow Chan has released her new single and album title, ‘Pillar’

Returning from headline shows in Melbourne and Sydney, one of the most versatile Australian pop artists RAINBOW CHAN has released her new single and album title, ‘Pillar’. The title track acts as a perfect lead single to the album dropping in June, an introspective track that lets listeners deep into the mind of one of the most daring and progressive artists in the realm of Aussie pop music.

‘Pillar’ acts as a perfect symbol of what Rainbow Chan’s tracks have come to be. An amalgamation of a whole range of influences showing off a significant depth of talent. The main feature of the track are the pitched vocal chops which linger throughout, complimenting her passion fuelled falsettos. The vocal feels more like an instrument than a traditional top line. The haunting nature of the vocal arrangement create a powerful and boundary pushing aesthetic.

The beat matches the wonky vocals perfectly. The brassy synths combined with the pop drums give ‘Pillar’ its lasting impression. The track is extremely self-aware, drawing on Rainbow’s immense knowledge in piecing together pop tropes while at the same time celebrating her cultural heritage.

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The track is as deep lyrically as it is sonically. Rainbow Chan reflects on the decisions and choices of everyday life, and their magnitude in the grand scheme of things. She reflects on this sentiment, stating: "‘Pillar’ is about coming to terms with the fragility of life and the delicate dance between body and mind. Trauma lives on under your skin in numerous ways — ‘Pillar’ is a personal attempt to summon and expel those troubling memories."

Now solidifying herself as a trailblazer of Sydney's alternate pop scene, Rainbow Chan is building up to one of her biggest moments yet with her forthcoming album, Pillar.

If the title track is a symbol of what’s to come, we can expect a mysterious album, one full of emotional grit, while playing unique sonic identity.

Photo by Jonno Revanche