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Live Review: Slow and steady; Dro Carey takes a delicate touch to Rainbow Chan's 'Last'

12 June 2016 | 10:33 am | Aiden Benavides

DRO CAREY has remixed fellow Sydney-sider, Rainbow Chan's track 'Last'. Transforming the original work into a darker and heavier form.

DRO CAREY has remixed fellow Sydney-sider, Rainbow Chan's track 'Last'. Transforming the original work into a darker and heavier form.

Dro Carey's remix is packed with nuances; the vocal effects and bass line give off a dark feel overall, while the lead synth stabs are catchy- they evolve subtlety as the track progresses. You'll hear small hits of random sounds that aren't from a drum kit. Overall the production of the remix is interesting to listen to and gives a like low end feel to the track.

Whilst Rainbow Chan created a faster paced track originally, with a focus on creating a catchy pop song. The remix takes it into a subdued electronic world. What it lacks in catchy vocals - it makes up in smooth beats that sound great on repeat.

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Words by Aiden Benavides