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Live Review: Rahu's debut 'Runnin'' is a neo-soul gem

22 June 2017 | 12:48 pm | Lloyd Crackett

Swathed in layers of production, Rahu's debut single 'Runnin' is a wonderful self-described 'Soul Alternative track that is sure to impress

The first thing to note in RAHU’s debut single ‘Runnin'’ is sheer number of layers of sound that have built it. It’s described by the artist himself on Soundcloud as ‘Soul Alternative’ and well, that’s vague enough that it is entirely right. ‘Runnin'’ pulls together all of Rahu’s talents - he’s a singer, producer and a guitarist and through his powers combined, he’s created a stellar track.

Rahu hasn’t popped out of nowhere, he’s a talented dude who has been involved in the ash-tray heroes The Durries and Bedlam Records. He obviously knows a thing or two and it shows. Working with Callan Orr (Dreamer On Dreamer), together they have created an intriguing track that blends together RnB, soul and hip-hop through atmospheric production. At points it can be punchy or fall into moments of pure layered melody, as a guitar weaves in and out.

Influences of SamphaD'Angelo and more shine through as Rahu channels his emotions into something powerful. His lyrics are intimate, conveying vulnerability as he moves from a whisper in the verses to a surprising crescendo that could bring you to your knees. Searing guitar combines with moody and rich production to create another world that Rahu keeps close and lets you in, very slowly.

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Rahu’s voice is layered over, under and used just as much as instrument as it is to convey lyrical content. It never exactly comes to a full realisation of being hip-hop, nor soul. It’s almost as if deep beneath, there is the basis of a pop song that’s been wonderfully swathed in layers and layers of pure atmospheric production. It’s a promising first single, it has an unbelievable replay quality: it doesn’t dull and could easily slip into popular music right now with ease.

There is hardly an ounce of info on Rahu at the moment, other than the single. The Soundcloud is bare and the Facebook similarly, with the profile picture changing from a single R in the middle to a obscured photo of the artist only a week ago. It’s unsure whether or not a distance is naturally going to be apart of this artist’s general public presence or if the music is being left to talk for itself. In any case, it's the signal that something is happening, and if this track is anything at all to go by, it's going to be big.

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Words by Lloyd Crackett and Emma Jones