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Live Review: Get to know Pure Space's latest signing, jobfit and their experimental new single, 'Corner Sure'

3 July 2020 | 1:17 pm | Jessica Negus

Sydney duo jobfit provide 21 minutes of poetically punctuated jungle in Sydney label Pure Space Recordings' most experimental release to date.

In the short time since its inception (just over a year now), Pure Space has delivered some of the most exciting and thought provoking releases seen in Australia’s underground music community, and it seems only fitting that esteemed radio host and selector Andy Garvey’s label would be leading the charge in a new era of home listening. In a period in which we spend so much of our time digesting music and media in our domestic spheres, the label’s latest release in ‘Corner Sure’ is a thrilling expansion to its already forward-thinking discography.

Sydney duo jobfit are the team behind this marriage of spoken word and electronic music in 21 minutes of poetically punctuated jungle. The first half of the piece builds haunting tension through expansive drones and repetition, juxtaposed with a playful twist on poetic convention. Melodies and cheeky pads entwine and envelop you around the gentle spoken word, only to drop and rebuild into a challenging junglist rhythm.

Throughout the piece it’s evident jobfit’s distinct sense of discipline and restraint allows complete control over the listening experience, reinventing samples of domestic environments and allusions to water to remind us that some of our most challenging listening happens in our most comfortable surroundings. 

In accompaniment to the themes and ideas espoused in ‘Corner Sure’, 3D artist Craig Stubbs-Race has created a visualiser playing with experimental shapes and typography in motion. His background in film making lends itself to the performative qualities of this piece, with his work inspired by interactive digital art, book covers, band posters and East Asian signage.

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‘Corner Sure’ is important listening (and viewing). It throws you out of your comfort zone only to guide you towards a moment of individual pause and reflection. It’s releases like these that show exciting promise about the versatile performative qualities of underground music — you don’t need to go to a club to experience moments of catharsis.

Read our chat with jobfit below!

Who are you?

jobfit is from unceded Gadigal land. We’re attempting to explore what lies at the intersection of electronic music and spoken word. not the first to do this and surely doubt the last.

How did jobfit come to be?

Drinking beers together eventually led to the blending of individual practices.

What are we talking, vibes-wise?

“Like being at kickons and mixing someone else’s records”

Tell us more about your new single Corner Sure?

Corner Sure was written at home - before the full-blown grating-ness of isolation, but it embodies that uncomfortability nonetheless . construction noise, noisey radio and distorted banging. the music we listen to at home is usually the hardest.

What can we expect from you in the months ahead?

We are finalising an 5 track ep that we’re looking to release. Otherwise we’re looking forward to being able to be together more / create / push it on and on

Where can we hear more from you?

LIMBS - For Wildlife (out via Moonshoe Recordings).

‘Corner Sure’ is available to listen to and purchase on Bandcamp here.


Image from Corner Sure visualiser by Craig Stubbs-Race