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Live Review: Priscilla celebrate each other on their new pop anthem, 'Follow'

2 July 2019 | 12:44 pm | Caitlin Medcalf

Perth duo Priscilla share their new single, 'Follow', a pop anthem celebrating platonic love in all shapes, sizes and relations.

“We had an epiphany about our relationship while recording and how it and so many more that we share are worth the world," says Priscilla Gardner of Perth duo PRISCILLA. "Equality on all platforms still seems so far away and the current social climate isn’t making it any easier, which is why we needed to share a love song for all folks to stick together, because our strength is in numbers."

They are of course, talking about the band's new single, 'Follow'.

The track urges you, as the listener, to cherish every kind of love that's right in the world. The press release for this track said it best, saying "You know what they say! Behind every straight cis male keys player, stands an even greater gay genderqueer vocalist with breakneck bops to spare."

'Follow' beautifully captures the platonic love felt between vocalist Priscilla and keys player Luke Minness. It's a celebratory track, putting certainty and love to the fore, encouraging you to stick to your guns as you do so.

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“We were outside the studio pacing up and down the Collingwood back alley singing harmonies. Delirious from non-stop sixteen hour sessions for the past week and the emotional angst of it all just came out in the harmony. It was a great feeling, a big release,” said Luke. “We were so lucky nobody was around to complain about two band geeks screaming ‘hey haaaa’ from the top of their lungs at 2AM!”

Showcasing the band's penchant for expertly crafting pop ballads and backing that up with some powerful production, their dynamic relationship is on show here, and it feels like their strongest output yet.

The glorious electro-pop track comes as the title track of the winter double-A side they've got planned. The concept project aims to put love to the fore, allowing them to get gushy about love coming in all shapes, sizes and relations.