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Live Review: PRINCI releases her most powerful work yet with 'FYI'

29 August 2018 | 10:31 am | Emma Jones

PRINCI (fka Kimchi Princi) has always been an artist that knows her worth and is totally uncompromising in her self-beliefs. It's what makes her such an important figure in this country's music scene. In electronic music, it could be so easy to follow trends for some small wins, but to stick to your guns and create true art takes integrity, self-assurance and confidence and -while I'm sure that's certainly a more challenging road to take- the results are always worth it.

Announcing her latest evolution as PRINCI earlier this year, the Sydney artist has spent most of this year recreating her identity into something that speaks more to herself. With a debut album in the pipeline, she felt it was time to drop the "Kimchi" in her name, writing on Facebook, "I chose “Kimchi Princi” for a few reasons when i was starting out. The first one was cos I couldn’t think of many(any, besides Rainbow Chan) Asian-Australian artists in pop music here. So i imagined it as a way of signifying to others if they heard my tracks on radio or whatever that they would 'know'."

She continued, explaining, "I chose ‘Princi’ as the second half of the name because I liked the idea of not subscribing to being a princess or a prince but just being whoever you want to be at any one time. I feel that’s way closer to where I’m at now, and where I’m going. After all, 'She’s That Princi'." 

Now, she has shared her first single as PRINCI, and as always it does not disappoint. Titled 'FYI', PRINCI teamed up with long-time collaborator ATRO on the beats and she absolutely soars, sounding all at once foreboding and inviting. Her voice is soft yet strong, her lyrics are intimate yet defiant, and her bravado is coupled with a slight vulnerability making for a special moment while listening. With lyrics like, "I'm so high/ Looking at myself and loving what I see/ FYI/ You can try but you can't stop me," PRINCI takes her rightful spot at centre-stage with her most powerful release yet.

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Her futuristic pop stylings are perfectly paired with Atro's dancehall-adjacent beat, and together they weave an impactful statement on self-love and knowing your power while making it sound damn good. It's raised the bar that was already so high for PRINCI, and with more music on the way, we truly cannot wait to see what she does next.

Image by Kristina Yenko for ACCLAIM.

Words by Emma Jones