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Live Review: Pocketmoth explore underground electronica from around the world with their latest compilation

25 February 2019 | 6:40 pm | Max Lewis

Brisbane label POCKETMOTH deliver an international smorgasbord of underground electronica from all over the world on their second compilation, 'Skies'.

Brisbane collective POCKETMOTH is showing exactly why we just named them our label of the week with their second annual MOTH compilation, showcasing the greatest underground electronic cuts from across the globe. From Melbourne, Tel Aviv, Berlin, Vancouver presenting a range of genres like breakbeat, deep house, minimal, experimental and beyond, SKIES shows POCKETMOTH have their finger on the pulse of electronic music.

Pocketmoth's MO is sonic diversity, and that's evident on the huge range of releases they've put out since their inception in 2017. Covering all things from ambient and musique concrète to hip-hop, Pocketmoth's diversity has truly set them apart from other labels. Above all is their dedication to all things underground, evident on the annual MOTH compilation which serves as a sort of musical time capsule. What's the stage of underground electronica in 2019? Listen below and find out.

There's a lot of choice cuts from so many genres on this comp that you're bound to find something you love. 'Draw Me In' by From sets things off with a laid-back breakbeat vibe, followed up by a deep house jamboree from DJ Friendly. Brisbane's Metapattern offers up some glitchy and unsettling ambience on 'Parallels', followed up by an equally brooding and industrial take from Dystopian SoundscapesQuin brings things back up to chill-town on 'Cerulean', offering an acidic edge to chilled out house. Penelope Two Five bridges a gap between Chicago house and acid techno with a sample laden, half-step hat filled banger.

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Chris George luxuriates in glittery synths and crisp beats on 'Synchronous', before Bcharre presents an epic slice of electro-house. Christopher Brooks offers  'Voodoo House', with sinister pads and a glitchy synth hook driving this long-form monster. Ben Reeves speeds things up with the breakneck speed of 'Intoxic'; a frantic arpeggio driving anxious keys and ever-evolving beats before Rahms calm things down with the laidback and emotional 'Why Am I Running?' Rounding out the mix, Sloxxx presents a dark electronic number full of abstract sounds and samples among growling bass and haunted beats, while Ozacure rounds things up with a dose of left field micro-house.

With each track leading into the next in some way, the compilation as a whole feels incredibly organic. It's electronic music for every kind of mood, representing the best underground artists from all over the world. Close your eyes and take a listen, and you'll not only see why Pocketmouth is one of Australia's most unique labels, but that electronic music is as fresh and invigorating as it's always been.


Words by MAX LEWIS