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Live Review: Pocketmoth make their mark with 'Infinite Twist' compilation

19 February 2018 | 11:36 am | Staff Writer

New label on the scene, POCKETMOTH, have had a busy year so far. Having spent the best part of 2017 curating and collecting tracks to release, they've been drip-feeding their first efforts over the past few weeks, culminating in the release of their first official body of work, a compilation titled Infinite Twist. The DIY label, founded by ZACH DEGNAN and ITI MEMON, aims to offer a slice of unbounded musical creativity, and their compilation contains a diverse selection of music from producers based in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. Some solo, some collaborative, these tracks represent the label's strong focus on the diversity of electronic music.

From names you might be familiar with such as Brisbane artist RAHMS or Romeo Moon's KEVIN ORR, to newcomers like BLACK MANNEQUIN and QUINCY RAW, the sonic diversity of Infinite Twist makes it an enthralling record to listen to. From the opening track that almost sounds like BURIAL collaborated with THOM YORKE, to through to ambient or hip-hop influences, the careful precision of each song is clear, and the passion behind the label's ethos is palpable. Focussing on providing a platform for artists who may or may not already be in other acts themselves but need a new outlet that suits a different aspect of their musical influences, Pocketmoth have delivered a hugely impressive and intricately created compilation here.

Highlights include the aforementioned 'Asphalt' by Black MannequinSum Randm's 'Table Flipper' with it's bouncy, unpredictable beats, and the meticulous percussion and atmospherics on Rahms' 'Drawn Apprehension'. Truly delivering something for everyone, the styles and genres on display in Infinite Twist show Pocketmoth is more than just a strict, one-genre label. We're hoping for much more from these guys this year, as this proves they're already off to a stellar start.

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Infinite Twist is out now via Pocketmoth, stream/purchase here. Brisbane fans can get along to their launch party on February 23rd.


Music from 8pm - midnight

Lineup: RDGR (live), Rahms (live), Quin (live and DJ)

Venue: Bloodhound Bar (Fortitude Valley, Brisbane)

Words by Emma Jones