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Live Review: Planete 'Snow Sketch / Visions'

15 August 2014 | 12:00 am | Lauren Payne

Planete has released his debut two-track single and it's definitely a great debut from the latest Silo Arts signing.

You may remember PLANETE from a few months ago when we presented his remix of producer/label owner TINCTURE's track 'Similar Circles'.

PLANETE has been hard at work since that small remix debut and now the producer has his own original work to show us in all of it's simplistic glory.

Silo Arts & Records is one label that seems to have a flair for tracking down artists who use minimalistic synths and samples to create eerily organic melodies that just into our ears with ease. PLANETE is one of their latest signings and with his two track debut 'Snow Sketch/Visions', we now know why this man was brought into the Silo Arts ranks.

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'Snow Sketch' is a very smooth track with bobbing synths bouncing across a textured landscape that sounds extremely spacious. Adding colour to a track purely through the use of samples can be a difficult thing but PLANETE seems to paint a wonderful palette of pastels into your brain by the use of his melody.

Your second dose of PLANETE's musical brain is slightly darker. With an introduction that sounds like the beginning of a very dramatic film, 'Visions' sees the producers work be morphed into a darker territory with chimes dancing above synths that brood and hover like smoke. Hollow clashes and percussion bursts make 'Visions' sound even eerier, but it still seems to move with ease just like 'Snow Sketch', making it yet another brilliant example of PLANETE's work.

You can download the two tracks for free here on Silo Arts' online store and keep an eye out for this guy, he's got skills.

Words by Lauren Payne