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Live Review: Lavish in the 'Hidden Shade'(s) of Planète's house-driven new single

23 January 2019 | 10:08 am | Caitlin Medcalf

What we've come to learn of Melbourne producer PLANÈTE so far is that versatility is his strong point. His sound is often defined by a passion for meticulous sound design, with literally every single one of his tracks taking you on a refined, inward sonic journey like no other. What's most exciting about his music, is that you absolutely never know what's coming next.

His previous single 'Prism Break' is a perfect hybrid of minimal techno and club, teeming with spacious production that builds and builds, until finally, the tension is released.

He's today come out with a new single, 'Hidden Shade', and in typical Planète fashion, this one encompasses a myriad of lush pads and crisp percussion, but this one draws more influence from house than it does lush, minimal techno.

Of the single, he says: "I've been firmly influenced by sample based, house-oriented music over the last few years, giving context for this track. Fitting in with my other recent single releases, this is the spectrum of club music I enjoy listening to and playing out. With 'Hidden Shade', I'm exploring my productions in this style with some raspy, sampled grit."

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It's a different vibe from Planète, but it just goes to show how explorative a producer he is. The percussive line is accented by rim hits and a quiet, tinny hi-hat running in the background, but that's not the focus of the track here. It's there to provide a framework for all of the other sounds he's jam packed into this one. It's important to note here however, that the track doesn't ever sound too busy. The sounds weave in and out of one another with purpose.

The melody carries a stutter throughout it, occasionally letting go of the stutter to lavish in the simple tone of the sound itself. It's not a complicated melody, but I guess that's the beauty of the way Planète creates right?

Photo by Kiah Pullens