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Live Review: Explore an ever-changing soundscape with Planète's 'Guided by Flux'

20 June 2017 | 4:24 pm | Holly O'Neill

Melbourne producer PLANÉTE has returned with his first release of 2017, 'Guided by Flux' which is a lush, techno tinged, slow burner of a tune.

Melbourne producer PLANÉTE has returned with his first release of 2017, bringing his taste for lush techno sounds. 'Guided by Flux', released on Good Manners Records, is the name and mission statement for his new track, which is an amorphous slow burn of a tune.

The word flux means continuous change, and this track sure is guided by it, with movements between minimal echoing soundscapes to pulsing dance breakdowns. These changes are all linked by a driving four to the floor kick and monotonous repeated synth, ensuring you're bopping your head for the full run time.

Of the release Planète has said, "the basis behind the track is a resolution of a persuasive circumstance", which you can really hear as the two opposing sections of the heavy dance beat and swelling ambient section join together at the finale of this track. The synths come to a crescendo and harmonise together over the pulsing of the dance percussion and repeated melodies.

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This track feels like multiple experiences in the one package; just as you think you know what to expect, it pulls you in the opposite direction. Dense layered production is suddenly stripped back to let delicate wobbly synths shine. What sounds like live recorded samples are scattered amongst the synthesised whirrs, with claps and hits feeling tangible in this mystical soundscape.

'Guided by Flux' is a brilliant return to form from Planète and hopefully signifies more to come later this year. You can get your hands on the single right now!