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Live Review: PREMIERE: Pinkish Blu talk Greek mythology and star signs on 'Capricorn'

28 August 2018 | 3:12 pm | Emma Jones

Take one part post-punk, one part sad-pop, throw in some 80s influences and you've got yourself Adelaide band PINKISH BLU, and their latest single, 'Capricorn' is the sad-pop anthem you need to knock you right in the feels while simultaneously pumping you up.

Ahead of their appearance at BIGSOUND next week, the band are doubling down on their previous single, 'Lovely', which saw them achieve critical praise and acquire fans all over the country. They're further carving out their own path with their crisp indie guitars, happy-sad vibes and pop sensibilities with 'Capricorn', and as it openly discusses astrology, the Bible and more, it's proof of a band rapidly developing and levelling up with each and every move.

Having already supported the likes of Trophie EyesWAAX and KingswoodPinkish Blu are making it their job to prove that the hype surrounding them is 100% worth it, and 'Capricorn' is a testimony to this. Forward-thinking songwriting coupled with infectious pop stylings, Pinkish Blu are the sad, thoughtful and refined version of what Darwin Deez could've been, and it's going to be exciting to see what they do next!

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4-7 September

Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

Words by Emma Jones