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Live Review: Pink Matter share massive new single 'Wonder', produced by Harvey Sutherland

24 April 2019 | 4:42 pm | Caitlin Medcalf

Brisbane four-piece PINK MATTER have been hard at work honing their sound and putting together some new tunes. The four friends met at university and came together as Pink Matter in late 2016, and would later go on to play at festivals like Jungle Love Festival and the Mountain Goat Valley Crawl, as well as supporting artists like The Creases and Bugs.

They're back with their first of the year, and it sees them stepping out in a new direction. Electronica is aplenty, and thanks to the helping hand of producer Harvey Sutherland, the neo soul/pop group have for the first time, input electronic elements into their work.

Of the track, they've said ""Wonder is new territory for us as a band, we're exploring more variety sonically and have started collaborating with some of our idols. It was a lot of fun working with Harvey Sutherland for this one! We’re really happy with the end product because we've used a lot of sounds and effects that are new and different for us, but our style as a band and our songwriting still shines through. We struggle to put Wonder in a box to label it/ describe it to people, and we like that about it because then people can fill in the gaps and take what they want from it.”

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And they're aptly right in saying they struggle to describe this one to people. There's something about this up and coming generation of musicians that feels different from the last. There's less of a desire to be labelled and more of a push towards authenticity and feeling confident that their music is their own. Pink Matter embody exactly this; their sonic journey slowly transforming with each new piece of music. 

While their sound continues to be genre-defying, 'Wonder' marks a totally new era for the group and we are damn excited to see what they do next.

Photo by Georgia Wallace