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Live Review: Sink into Pink Matter's silky, smooth 'Quicksand'

17 January 2018 | 7:41 am | Jackson Langford

Listening to 'Quicksand' by Pink Matter, you're not going to want to struggle. You'll sink until it ultimately consumes you in the best way possible.

Quicksand is a tricky phenomena to grasp. Hollywood has given us a somewhat unrealistic idea that quicksand is just one example of Mother Nature at her most unforgiving, devouring people at a torturously slow pace. In fact, it's actually impossible to be completely submerged in quicksand. However, upon hearing Brisbane band PINK MATTER's deliciously smooth 'Quicksand', you'll wish that life was indeed just like the movies.

From the opening notes that are reminiscent of your fave dimly lit bar with flickering candles and well-earned glass of red, 'Quicksand' begins to take over your body. Lulling you into a false sense of security, Pink Matter tighten their hold over you as Kerry Raywood's chocolatey vocals entice your every sense.

As this gorgeously colourful funk song flows on, it becomes clear that the all-female force that is Pink Matter are masters at never taking it too far. The entirety of 'Quicksand' is restrained and understated, yet consistently gleams of bright hues and flashes. The way they melt Raywood's voice with the busyness and extravagance of the instrumentation, with special mention to Megan Christensen's work on the keys, is sonic heaven.

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The thing about quicksand is that trying to struggle against it only makes thing worse. But, listening to 'Quicksand' by Pink Matter? There's no struggling to do that here. You'll want to sink into every last note as, despite scientific fact, it ultimately consumes you in the best way possible.

Photo by ONLY X ODD