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Live Review: Pink Matter wrestle with desire on 'Cleo'

6 July 2018 | 1:01 pm | Emma Jones

At the start of the year, Brisbane four-piece PINK MATTER shared their first ever single. Titled 'Quicksand', it was the perfect introduction to the band with their mutual neo-soul influences on display as they delivered a jazz-inspired, calming presence with its solid and infectious grooves. Well, whatever you may have learned about Pink Matter back in January, they're now flipping the script completely with their new single, 'Cleo'.

Starting with a raucous rumbling, Pink Matter sound all grown up and positively formidable on 'Cleo'. Showing an incredible evolution from their debut, there's a certain swaggering confidence in every element of this song, from the live drums of Libby Scott to the crisp keys thanks to Megan Christensen, meanwhile the song chugs along to a seductive bass courtesy of Izzy De Leon, anchoring the track as Kerry Raywood's vocals absolutely soar. Doubling down on influences like Hiatus KaiyotePink Matter seem intent on making an impact with 'Cleo', and they've pulled it off brilliantly as the song shifts from the dark, stomping trip down the rabbit hole before unexpectedly turning itself on its own head with a surprising end.

Focussing on an almost uncomfortable infatuation and obsession with someone and how that can be all encompassing of your mind, Raywood invites us in as her mind races round and round and round, imagining her crush's thigh, her dancing, her name. It's an intoxicating spiral into almost chaotic madness as Raywood shares her desires, but the madness breaks when Raywood meets our protagonist. As she makes contact with 'Cleo', the track dramatically changes and the internal madness is cleared. Ending on a cliffhanger as Raywood coolly says to 'Cleo', "Hopefully see you around," Pink Matter leave us unsatisfied without an ending, while simultaneously leaving us wanting more. Is it indicative of more to come? Is that where it ends with Cleo? We can't be sure, but what we do know is, crushes, infatuation, obsession and desire can all be uncomfortable experiences, and that's exactly what Pink Matter shine a light on here.

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Evoking so much engagement and tension in the listener, it's so very evident that Pink Matter have not been taking it easy over these past few months. Having formed in 2016 and become favourites on the Brisbane local scene playing at just about every venue in town as well as much-loved community event, Jungle Love FestivalPink Matter are now gearing up for an appearance at BIGSOUND festival later this year. Judging from this powerful new single, Pink Matter have shown they're ones to watch this year, so keep both eyes locked as they head straight for the top.

Image: Supplied

Words by Emma Jones