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Live Review: Piecey and Maya Keane bring all the feels on new track 'Season'

25 October 2017 | 9:57 am | Molly McLaughlin

The Sydney-based producer has teamed up with vocalist Maya Keane for a ethereal, cozy track called 'Season' that will have you feeling all kinds of ways.

Always one for inventive and experimental soundscapes, word is that Piecey based this record around sounds from his coffee plunger on a wooden shelf. 'Season' draws the listener in with minimalist production and subtle piano melody, followed by the addictive percussion that pushes the track forward with relentless momentum.

The sparkly, almost joyful production contrasts with Maya Keane's breathless voice chronicling an on-again off-again relationship, "It's too late now, give me a reason why/ I should stay by your side... Feels like it's the season, to start believing/ your lies," she almost whispers. Keane is also a Sydneysider, and created buzz with her popular cover of Doja Cat’s single 'So High' and original track 'Before I Met You'.

'Season' is a sweet and endearing track, that also manages to pack a punch. With repeat listens, the more dissonant and disconcerting aspects come to the surface, a testament to the complexity of Piecey's production style. Keane's voice is a fitting complement, and together they have created something evocative, haunting and real.

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