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Live Review: Pat Lok ft. Desiree Dawson ‘All In My Head’ (Howson’s Groove Remix)

11 February 2015 | 10:46 pm | Caitlin Medcalf

Dubbed to be one of our ATW in 2015, HOWSON's GROOVE are starting 2015 off with a bang with their take on Pat Lok & Desiree Dawson's 'All In My Head'.

Vancouver based producer PAT LOK teamed up with the angelic vocalist DESIREE DASWON for what was ‘All In My Head’. A fantastic original, the single has now been revamped by the South East London based duo, HOWSON’S GROOVE.

The remix is a fantastic take that utilises some cool features to change the mood of the track. The driving percussion that remains consistent throughout the tracks entirety makes for a mean head bop, and it’s just fast enough to bring up your pulse. It’s in the chorus where it feels peculiarly right.

There’s a deep synth that almost feels like bass that slides us into the chorus, and that’s when the extent of the vocals begin to be fuelled.

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The chorus descends into this lovely dream-like state, and it hits harder when the vocal bridge comes in. It becomes almost atmospheric due to the absence of percussion momentarily, and the choir-like vocals from the solo artist kills it for a few more bars.

I like how progressive this track is. It ranges from typical pop to house to a tinge of atmospheric pop, and I like that blend. It sounds wholesome and definitively dreamy.

HOWSON’S GROOVE have done extremely well in solidifying their sound within PAT LOK & DESIREE DAWSON’s already fantastic track.