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Live Review: Pat Carroll explores a new world in his new 'Winds Alight' EP

25 March 2020 | 2:58 pm | Evie Weily

Sydney producer Pat Carroll shares a brand new two-track EP titled 'Winds Alight', which sees him delve even further into the electronic world.

Sydney producer and composer Pat Carroll has made a name for himself in the contemporary electronic music space over the last 18 months and this week he shares his newest two-track EP, Winds Alight.

Returning off the back of his Augur EP that came out late last year, this was the first time we'd heard Carroll's well-rounded electronic production thanks to the spatial record which weaved its way through ambient and atmospheric sounds. Now, with Winds Alight, we hear it again with added colourful dynamics and an exploration of new writing processes as he reflects on current headspaces.

Of the EP, Carroll said, "The EP is fairly 'live' sounding./ I wanted to embrace that human feeling - keeping a lot of rough improvised recordings I made early on. I wanted to keep those imperfections - to be more honest in way. 

I think it is common to be super judgemental of yourself in almost everything you do, especially in current times when some people are portrayed as having more worth or value than others. I've commonly fallen into the trap of asking questions like 'what would this artist do in this case' or 'is that a sound that this artist would use?'

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While I was writing this EP especially, I wanted to rid those questions and doubts from my thinking, to embrace both sounds and ways of doing things that simply worked and interested me."

Winds Alight explores the more introspective side of electronic music, grounding itself in electroacoustic ideology to transform soundscapes that are driving strong layered textures and more left-field styles of down-tempo techno. Check out the release below, out now via Eyegaze: