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Live Review: Parcels release dreamy collaboration with Daft Punk in 'Overnight'

27 June 2017 | 7:13 am | Sonny Thomas

DAFT PUNK have brought dreams to reality for Byron Bay born, now Berlin based quintet PARCELS releasing a co-written and produced single 'Overnight'

DAFT PUNK have turned dreams into reality for Byron Bay born, now Berlin based disco-pop quintet PARCELS, releasing a co-written and produced single in 'Overnight'.

It's a big deal to collaborate with Daft Punk for anyone, let alone an emerging indie band out of regional NSW. After making the bold decision to move to Berlin, unbeknownst to them, Daft Punk caught their high energy disco infused pop set in a sweaty basement in Paris. So impressed, the titans of dance music invited Parcels to a secret location in France to co-write and produce 'Overnight'. Parcels' urgent pace and funky guitar riffs have always drawn comparison to Daft Punk's Random Access Memories, so really it's a match made in heaven.

The Parcels boys have played together in various formations since childhood, all attending Byron Bay's Shearwater High; a place that seems to turn out an unusually high volume of successful musicians. Their latest EP, Hideout, caused some waves and had many banking on them as the next big thing. Their harmonies, musicianship and incredible stage presence developed over so many years of playing together is really unparalleled. The group is no doubt on the cusp of something big with an ever growing fan base both in Europe and back at home.

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Parcels will be heading out on tour around Europe later this year. You can find full details here .

Photo by Philippe Jarrigeon