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Live Review: PANTEROS666 creates intoxicating club gold with 'DAP'

14 June 2017 | 7:59 am | Holly O'Neill

French producer PANTEROS666 teams up with duo ARME on a "euphoric micro-hit" of a referential club track 'DAP', released through his new art collective PMG.

French producer PANTEROS666 has always had a strong visual element alongside his stellar production. He continuously brings a concept, references multiple cultural and music tropes and feels futuristic and nostalgic at the same time with each release. With this new track 'DAP,' he launches a brand new label called PMG, standing for Panteros Media Galaxy. Drawing a lot of inspiration from internet subcultures and 90's rave art, PMG is not just a music label, but a digital art collective started in tandem with long time collaborator Ines Alpha. As the opening release from the label, it sets the tone for things to come, and boy does the future look promising.

Production duo ARME lends a hand on this tune that Panteros666 is calling a "euphoric micro-hit," bringing their tastes for bouncy jersey style dance music. This track features an addictive bassline and 4 to the floor beat, it's simple but super fun. You can hear sonic elements of gabber, techno and EDM in its composition, but together they combine to make a whole new beast.

From his history in dance music boy band Club Cheval, Panteros666 knows how to craft a catchy club tune. This is the master class; featuring slow filters up to drops as a frenzied tom dances on top, chopped up warped vocals and old school genre staples used in new ways. The track centres around a four chord progression that never gets stale as it jumps from lead to bass and back over the 5 minutes. Percussion emphasises these chords, having more of a role in the lead ups to drops as claps, shakers and kicks work to highlight the movement of the track. The elements together create such an intoxicating dance tune that is bound to get any crowd moving, or even get you just bopping along in your headphones.

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'DAP' is the first taster of a 6 track EP called Meteociel, as PMG's debut release. The teasers sound like it's going to be a journey through hyper club history, you can get your hands on it on June 23rd.