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Live Review: Pania releases another beautifully heartfelt ballad in 'ICYY'

2 July 2020 | 1:06 pm | Julie Fenwick

Pania bounced into the Melbourne music scene as an 'RnB Powerhouse', and she continues that legacy with heartfelt new release 'ICYY'.

PANIA’s charmingly youthful voice is the first thing that croons you into her latest release ICYY’. A heartfelt invitation into an introspective vulnerability, one that tries to decipher new trust after old hurt in a previous relationship. As verse moves to chorus, Pania’s soprano sung ‘Shit is so icyy’ scoops listeners heaven high, seeming to imitate the pain that emanates from a real-life feeling. And this is the intention of self-described ‘RnB Powerhouse’ Pania who bounced onto the Melbourne music scene with her slow-paced first release Lotus. "I find a lot of comfort when people hear my stuff and tell me that they can relate or that they felt like I was really speaking about them, or to them, because that’s really why I’m out here. I’m tryna connect and I want people to feel something deep when they listen to me, kinda like a lil heart to heart thru my music," she told The Local Frequency back in 2018.

This can not only be seen in her latest release ICYY, but also previous singles including the aforementioned debut, ‘Lotus and ‘Carlo, an up-beat, Amy Winehouse-inspired single that shows Pania pleading with a lover to give her a chance. However, perhaps this is the only element that has stayed the same over the past couple of years. ICYY stands apart from her first two releases: her sound is more honed in, and the production is more polished with the influence of trap as the ticks behind her pull back the pace of the song. The bass acts as a thudding heartbeat throughout the chorus, exaggerating the lyrics' meaning by adding a humanistic musical element; she sings ‘pulling away -- this ain’t like me.’

With a single cover that is reminiscent of a 2000’s So Fresh CD or maybe a Blaque album cover, Pania’s ICYY is another exciting release for the fresh-faced artist, and a track that pulls her closer to her own idols; strong, fierce women like Erykah Badu, Amy Winehouse, Aaliyah, TLC, Missy Elliot and Rihanna. We can't wait to hear more!

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