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Live Review: Let Oscar Oscar scratch your electronic itch with 'Himeji'

27 November 2017 | 10:32 am | Max Lewis

Brisbane producer oscar oscar goes instrumental with 'Himeji', a gorgeously produced and hard-hitting track, and a hat-trick for the one of a kind artist.

It's been an impressive four months for Brisbane electronic artist OSCAR OSCAR; after his stunningly produced debut 'Hey Ho' and the sultry 'See Myself', he's back with the instrumental banger 'Himeji'. Letting his production and songwriting do the talking this time, he's proven once again that he's a one of a kind artist.

According to oscar oscar, 'Himeji' was written over a year ago "with the world's best taiko drummer under 10 years old." Despite a lack of taiko drumming, the track exudes eastern-inspired flow, with sampled flutes and strings expertly weaved amongst the warm keys and woozy synths.  Combine that with sub-trashing bass and some tasty side-chaining and you've got a laid-back yet powerful jam that is as tumultuous as it is chill.

Every new track oscar oscar has dropped has seen him flexing a new kind of musical muscle, and 'Himeji' is no different. What's remarkable is his ability to replicate the emotions of 'See Myself' without any lyrics; the chord progression and layered keys evoke the tail-end of emotional turmoil, while the flute and and string samples evoke a far away, almost fantastical nostalgia. It takes a special kind of artist to tell a story without any words, and once again oscar oscar has knocked it out of the park. Whack it on when it's 2am and you can't sleep, or for a slow-burn start to a night out; 'Himeji' is a humdinger of a track and a standout effort from oscar oscar.

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