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Live Review: OKENYO drops more fem power with new single 'Woman's World'

25 July 2017 | 10:07 am | Freya Dinesen

Neo-soul maestro OKENYO has unleashed her newest single, ‘Woman’s World’, offering us a stand-strong and utterly addictive pop-esque tune.

Okenyo’s first major release, ‘Just A Story’, caught international attention in 2015 with its distinct and captivating sound, earning herself a solid following and a pretty tasty remix from Andy Bull. In addition to last year’s highly successful 10 Feet Tall tour, Okenyo has been a hella busy woman with an array of collaborations with the likes of Urthboy, Sampa The Great and Tigerilla. This is along with a heap of shows and her damn cool side-gig as Zindzi on Play School, so it’s understandable that her own new tunes have been kept on the down low.

Now that it is finally here, ‘Woman’s World’ presents itself as an exceptional fusion of genre influences and vocal styles in an effortless flex of Okenyo's musical dexterity. The tune opens with an audacious rapped verse that overlays a bed of snappy beats and an eclectic array of traditional samples, moving innately through a diverse flair of segments with leadership from the artist's enthralling narrative.

Stand-strong and utterly addictive, ‘Woman’s World’ radiates an unmatched energy that is proof of Okenyo's charisma, with the artist defiantly setting herself up amongst a new generation of powerful women in music. This is also the first track off of Okenyo’s upcoming EP release, so be stay tuned for more details!

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