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Live Review: Okenyo, Miss Blanks and Jesswar team up for a tour de force on 'Woman's World 2.0'

6 December 2017 | 10:02 am | Molly McLaughlin

Featuring hip-hop up-and-comers Miss Blanks and Jesswar, Okenyo's 'Woman's World 2.0' is a fearless ode to the power of women who lift each other up.

After the viral success of 'Woman's World' earlier this year, neo-soul/electro queen OKENYO is back with a remix that puts the song's message into action. Featuring hip-hop up-and-comers MISS BLANKS and JESSWAR, 'Woman's World 2.0' is a fearless ode to the power of women who lift each other up.

These three goddesses met at this year's BIGSOUND, after Miss Blanks and Jesswar made their way to the front row of Okenyo's showcase. A month later, they collaborated to add two empowering new verses to this certified banger, resulting in 'Woman's World 2.0'.

If you thought 'Women's World' couldn't get any better, Miss Blanks and Jesswar are here to prove you wrong. "Don't take no shit from a boy that should be in your shadow... Not here for this patriarchal drama," declares Miss Blanks, while Jesswar reinforces the female strength on her verse: "Y'all can't tell me shit... Just remember who birthed you bitch." The percussive, energetic beats let the talented vocals of all three women shine, and the track's original chorus rings truer now than ever, as women rise up to claim their world in 2017.

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"I wanted to create a new version of the song that didn't just feature an artist but gave the song more agency and relevance," explains Okenyo. "With the three of us it's power in numbers, individual voices standing together strong."

'Woman's World 2.0' is more than a catchy anthem, it is the song we need right now to remind us of the strength of sisterhood and solidarity. A world run by Jesswar, Miss Blanks and Okenyo is a world I want to live in.

Image by Jedd Cooney