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Live Review: PREMIERE: Ok Sure & Osopho bring the magic on 'Silver Mountain'

6 March 2019 | 10:10 am | Caitlin Medcalf

Just in time for International Women's Day this Friday, one of our fave electronic music pairings have come together again for a slapper of a track. It's their second collaboration, their first being 'Chimes' from late last year.

They've come to us again with 'Silver Mountain', and you betcha, we're premiering this one here today at Purple Sneakers.

This one's dominated by a heavily distorted acid melody, thrusted forward by the crunchy percussion that dominates this one. It's all punch and not a moment that the intensity falters. The eerily chopped vocals warp in and out of focus, juxtaposed by a beautifully clean, melancholy piano played delicately in the background.

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It's a rare track where you can really feel the magic of their collaborative spark really bringing forth the best in both artists.

On the collaboration, Ok Sure said "Working with Sal has opened up so many possibilities. Having worked solo for so long, you obviously get stuck in your ways of producing so having her influence has been inspiring. When I hit a wall, she’s there with new ideas. When I’ve had a shit day, she’s there with a bottle of wine."

Echoing her sentiments, Osopho said "Music is best created in tandem. Have you ever been struck with that feeling of “Ah, you just get me”? I regularly feel that, working with Akaysha. She encourages my quirky musical motifs and I cheer on her fierce, adventurous production style. She frequently guides me to new, wacky corners of the musical globe and it feeds back into our collaborations. We constantly throw ideas back and forth, building as we go. Eventually, our ideas morph to something like 'Silver Mountain'. I sit back and think "Oh yes, this is true reflection of us". It’s incredibly rewarding."