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Live Review: PREMIERE: Ok Sure gets even darker with 'Modern Devil'

30 October 2017 | 10:25 am | Camilla Patini

Akaysha Rose, better known by her stage name, Ok Sure, is an artist, producer and DJ from Victoria. A music-maker from an early age, she emerged onto the scene in 2015 after winning Hermitude’s “Ukiyo” Remix Competition hosted by triple J’s discovery platform, Unearthed. Since then, in between national tours and appearances, she's released numerous remixes, singles and an album, Anamnesis.

“Anamnesis means a recollection of one’s past, or past lives or a person’s medical history,” she says. “I felt that was a fitting name as all these songs are very old and more reflect my past as a producer – except the opening track called 'Anamnesis', which I wrote more recently," she told the Geelong Advertiser. The album's influences range from disco to techno to electro and back again, showcasing a love of melodic, downtempo electronic beats. But more recently, Ok Sure has been experimenting with a more raw, industrial sound. Her new song 'Modern Devil' off her new EP, Pleomorphism, is a case in point.

In ‘Modern Devil’, Ok Sure blasts some seriously dark electro beats, crafting an explosive and at times unsettling sound. Digital synths clang against gritty industrial beats, amplifying the song’s deep and unsettling boom. The song is so loud you can almost feel the stage shake and reverberate through your headphones. But the two-and-a-half-minute blast is meticulously regimented and polished. For all its throbbing, clanging and lurching, the song boasts some truly solid vocals and a bouncy, forceful energy that keeps it grounded.

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With dark references to bodily parts and functions – "Impenetrable creature / most certainly eat ya / regurgitate your innards cos he wants to be thinner  / pieces on the floor / just blood, guts and gore/ if you got what you want would you want it anymore?" for instance – the song is a bit scary but all the more tantalising for it. Ok Sure delves further into the vast array of sounds that influence her music here, and it paints an exciting picture of what we might be able to expect from Pleomorphism. But, as always, it's very much in Ok Sure's thinking to be as unpredictable as possible, so really we can never be sure what will come next - we just know it's going to be good!