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Live Review: PREMIERE: lonelyspeck takes on Odette's huge 'Watch Me Read You'

25 September 2017 | 9:59 am | Emma Jones

ODETTE is a name you might be familiar with, but if not, you definitely will be soon. Possessing one of the most incredible voices to emerge from Australian music in a long time, her debut single 'Watch Me Read You' stops you in your tracks with her poetic verses coupled with her jaw-dropping vocals in the chorus. It's a powerful single, and as far as first impressions go, they don't get much better than that. Now, it's been given a remix from another favourite Australian musician of ours, lonelyspeck - and the results are unsurprisingly spectacular.

Harnessing the power of Odette's poetry and somehow amplifying it, lonelyspeck utilises his affinity for eccentric production to hone in on the emotional quality of 'Watch Me Read You' to make something other-worldly. With a dance beat now backing her, Odette sounds at home over a deep bass and tinkering beats.

It sounds all over the place, but in a "controlled madness" kind of way - something lonelyspeck is truly a master at. He defies conventions to create electronic music that sits in a realm of its own, and he's once again shown he's a serious contender in our diverse and rapidly growing electronic landscape. Opting to break the song down completely and build it back up in his own way, lonelyspeck breathes a new life into Odette's 'Watch Me Read You', thrusting it into new territory with its dance sensibilities and ultimately creating a glowing, captivating new song.

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Both lonelyspeck and Odette wowed crowds recently at this year's BIGSOUND festival, and have both been on our radar for a while now. We really can't wait to see what they do next, but we're also quietly hoping this isn't the last time they come together on a track. We can dream, right?

Words by Emma Jones