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Live Review: Alxndr London 'Cold Sun'

27 January 2015 | 6:42 pm | Isabella T

Newcomer Alxndr London drops his debut track 'Cold Sun' and soothing, soulful jam that's shows certain promise for this unknown talent.

The alternative r'n'b scene that has taken off in the indie circuit and mainstream radio has, since its success, been experiencing a somewhat opening of the floodgates to formulaic approaches to the genre.

Three to five minute tracks that stick the conventions are a a worrying sign for a genre thats experienced so much innovation thanks the likes of Frank Ocean, SZA, and FKA Twigs.

Thankfully Alxndr London's 'Cold Sun' is changing this up a bit, delivering a track that is part American soul, and part UK trip hop. It's a innovative blend that sounds as  if D'angelo started mucking around with synthesisers. A Mark Ronson funk expedition, without so much pop extravagance.

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The track is the debut single  for Alxndr London, a East London musician, that going from his first track, is certainly onto a good thing. On 'Cold Sun' he encapsulates the same sensuality as Frank Ocean, yet with added lux production, that gives the track an almost cold, clinical feel. The title of the tune 'Cold Sun' brilliantly encompasses the contradictory elements at play on the song - funky nu-soul and post dubstep electronica.

It's the intimate chill out track that is an exciting taste of what this newcomer to add to R'n'B revival scene. Alxndr London has burst on the scene with a exciting twist of genres that is just so darn good. I'm not sure on what the future holds for this latest newcomer - but ones things for sure - 'Cold Sun' will certainly hold a special repeat slot on my itunes playlist.