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Live Review: Nyxen's latest track 'Is It Love' absolutely sparkles

18 April 2017 | 11:21 am | Abbey Lenton

Sydney-based producer NYXEN has been pushing out vibe-driven tracks that absolutely sparkle recently. Well regarded for her aptitude for meeting the guitar with the synthesiser, her latest release fine-tunes all that she is wonderful at. Out now via Unknown Records, Nyxen's newest 'Is It Love' has a gentle but buzzing approach.

'Is it Love' kicks off with an easy but hard-boiled guitar riff that has become the Sydney producer's signature. Having played the guitar for more than ten years, Nyxen's propensity for all kinds of instruments makes her stuff truly stand alone. This riff lays the foundation of the track as many layers are added to take the tune in a whole other direction. The high-pitched vocals are too hazy to tell a story with words, but they are there to intrigue, to pull you in to appreciate the greater framework.

If you were to only listen to 'Is It Love's beginning and end, you may think that your Soundcloud flicked to the next track without you realising. But it is the middle that is so key. Diverse but never disjointed, Nyxen plays with genre and sound to blend a track that covers all sides of the board.

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'Is It Love' is the latest of Nxyen's tracks. It comes off the back of her successful Running EP that came out towards the end of last year.