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Live Review: NYNE sparkles in ‘Shooting Star’

8 November 2019 | 1:39 pm | Izzy Stackpool

After touring nationally, NYNE releases a new single that has an evolved sound with etherial accompaniments to her dreamy indie-pop vocals.

Melbourne vocalist and producer NYNE is back with another catchy single and an etherial electronic-pop sound. Her production finesse is evident in ‘Shooting Star’, as she mixes chill electronic sounds with moody indie-pop that will get you in your feels.

This track presents us with a fresh sound from NYNE, as she initially found success in producing tracks with more of a shadowy, mysterious vibe. She won hearts all around the country this year when she toured alongside Mallrat with Basenji and Kota Banks and continues to do so with 'Shooting Star.

Speaking on her new era of sound, NYNE says “This song is so special to me and different to anything I've ever put out and I can't believe it's really out!”

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With her ethereal pop vocals, a catchy beat, melodic acoustic strums and a chorus that sticks in your mind, this one is a sure-fire hit.

NYNE has already received critical acclaim in the industry, as she wrote and performed on Allday’s smash ‘Sides’, as well as Paces’ ‘Savage’, racking up over 14 million streams.

She first burst on the scene a few years ago after building a following on SoundCloud for her production talents. This led her to provide the vocal hook and inspiration for Sevn Thomas’ breakout single, ‘Can’t Sleep Alone,’ and in this she pulled off the impressive feat of becoming the first Australian artist to be associated with Drake’s hip-hop and production collective OVO.

‘Shooting Star’ is sure to send NYNE into her next stage of success.

Image: Supplied