Live Review: Null 'Luv U, Luv Me'

11 February 2015 | 10:56 pm | Katie Rowley

Mysterious Melbourne producer Null is set to release his first EP, Almost, hitting Australia on March 3rd via Siberia Records.

Other than a couple of remixes for The Presets and Shine 2009 last year, not much is known about mysterious Melbourne producer NULL. His cover could soon be blown however when his upcoming EP, Almost, is released on March 3rd hitting Australia via Siberia Records.

Null’s track ‘Luv U, Luv Me’ immerses us in electronica. It’s John Hopkins-esque, what with the stunning visual film accompaniment that can be found at Null Electronics – it appears that this is not just another house track, but a fully thought out audio-visual project. ‘Luv U, Luv Me’ seems to tell a narrative, despite being purely instrumental.

It starts with a shimmering of bells and slow robotic ticks and tocks, building to a full-blown deep house, liquid drum and bass symphony in homage to techno pioneers like Underworld or Orbital. Electronic aficionados will note these subtle nods; even the track’s title, the playfully text speak ‘Luv U, Luv Me’, is a reference to last century’s trends.

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Null’s self-proclaimed ‘electronic universe’ is a chasm of dark shadowy techno that’s sure to trip you out. If this track is anything to go by, be prepared for an album that’s both intense and captivating.

Words by Katie Rowley