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Live Review: No Mono chronicle a painful but necessary evolution with 'Violence Broken'

29 November 2017 | 3:09 pm | Molly McLaughlin

Combining vulnerable vocals and evocative beats, No Mono's 'Violence Broken' is a window into the essential experience of self-transformation.

Mebourne music legends Tom Snowdon of Lowlakes and Tom Iansek of #1 Dads and Big Scary are back at it as NO MONO, releasing their intimate and haunting second single, 'Violence Broken'. The track continues to demonstrate the sophistication of this musical partnership, which was introduced with stunning debut single, 'Butterflies'. Combining vulnerable vocals and evocative beats, 'Violence Broken' is a window into the essential experience of self-transformation.

This track is a dreamy ocean of electronica with a dark undertow. "I don't know what happened to me, or where I was swimming every other night," Snowdon croons. The pulsating synths and layered melodies create a complex backdrop for the listener to lose themselves in the emotion of the track. "Help me through the storm," repeats the chorus, but it seems as if the song has already found its way all on its own, building to an immersive crescendo and subsiding like a wave.

“I remember discussing the general themes of the song with Tom (Snowdon); the idea of arriving at the critical point of change in your life, when you decide that the way you have been living is no longer serving you," Iansek explains. “Tom opened his lyric book to begin writing and the first page he opened to had the words 'Violence Broken' written in the middle of the page... The words flowed easily from here. So the song is about living violently, or against your own nature, and the tumultuous process of moving through this to a place where there is no fear, to live more in line with your truer self.”

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Overwhelming and authentic, 'Violence Broken' is one for all the millennials trying to figure this shit out. No Mono will be playing their debut run of shows around the country in 2018.


February 16th - Lansdowne Hotel, Sydney

February 17th - Epilogue, Alice Springs

February 22rd - Northcote Social Club, Melbourne

February 23rd - Northcote Social Club,Melbourne (SOLD OUT)

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