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Live Review: Tom Snowden and Tom Iansek team up as No Mono with the pulsing 'Butterflies'

25 September 2017 | 8:39 am | Max Lewis

Tom Snowden (Lowlakes) and Tom Iansek (#1 Dads, Big Scary) have teamed up as No Mono and shared the gorgeous pulsating track 'Butterflies'.

Two of Australia's most talented Toms, Tom Snowdon of Lowlakes and Tom Iansek of #1 Dads and Big Scary have teamed up as NO MONO, and dropped a gorgeous proof-of-concept single called 'Butterflies.'

The two Toms have collaborated frequently in the past, with Snowdon featuring on the #1 Dads track 'Return', and a stunning cover of FKA Twigs' 'Two Weeks' on Triple J Like a Version. No Mono is the result of a two year collaborative journey, "exploring and cultivating our artistic relationship" according to Snowdon.

'Butterflies' starts with a pulsating and wavering synth line and doesn't progress much beyond that, instead letting the flawless vocals of Snowdon take centre stage. The layers of synths and heavily effected vocals almost crush one another, creating a dizzying and claustrophobic soundscape. The raw vocals and occasional heavy piano notes serve as an antidote to these effects, creating an intricate balance. The track sounds huge for what is essentially four components - expert production has moulded these elements into a sound that envelops you and doesn't let go until that final synth line fades out.

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As the first taste of No Mono, 'Butterflies' is a beautiful tease. It's subtle yet bold, submerging the listener in a thick sea of synths and vocals and showcasing the talents of the two Toms as raw as possible. The duo have something beautiful on their hands and I cannot wait to see what they bring out next.