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Live Review: Get nostalgic with Niterunner's 'Long Road'

4 December 2017 | 10:48 am | Max Lewis

Byron Bay trio Niterunner have dropped 'Long Road', a gorgeously throwback synth-pop / disco jam perfect for a long drive.

A family bound by synth-pop sounds like my kind of fam – it’s a bonus if they make some damn good tunes to boot. Enter NITERUNNER, a trio of siblings from Byron Bay who have dropped their newest single ,‘Long Road’. It’s a cut full of funky beats and arpeggiated synths, perfect for fans of both beach parties and Stranger Things.

Cutting their retro-loving teeth earlier in the year with tracks like ‘Out of Your Hands’ and ‘Impatient’, ‘Long Road’ sees Niterunner solidifying their sound with some disco-inspired instrumentation amongst the ethereal synths and pulsing basslines. The vocals remain perfectly subdued, longing for a companion at the end of the titular road. The chorus is a delicious blend of simple and catchy sounds, drawing perfectly on the very best of 80s synth pop.

‘Long Road’ also strikes a delicate balance between the urgency evoked by the lyrics and a sense of picturesque calm. Despite a BPM faster than we’ve seen from the trio previously, the track never feels rushed. Rather, the gorgeous production allows it to thump along at a dreamy pace. You can almost picture the protagonist of the track driving along a beach-side highway at night, sunnies on, wind in their hair, and nothing but them, the road and the sea.

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When you can picture the music video in your head, you know you’ve got a great track on your hands – and ‘Long Road’ is that and more. It’s moody, catchy and, best of all, nostalgic as heck – and a fantastic evolution of Niterunner’s finely crafted sound.