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Live Review: Nite Fleit crafts menacing, acidic electro on 'Borderline'

10 February 2019 | 3:45 pm | Max Lewis

London-via-Sydney producer Nite Fleit teases her upcoming sophomore EP with a no-holds-barred slice of acid-drenched techno.

I really like techno that sounds like it wants to kill me, and the magic of UK-via-Australia producer NITE FLEIT is no exception. Ahead of her second EP Overcast dropping in March via Planet Euphorique, she's dropped a taste in the form of 'Borderline'. It's a no-holds-barred punch in the face of dark, acid soaked electro perfect for a sweat-drenched club headbang.

There's no better proof of Nite Fleit's proficiency with pounding rhythms and intense analogue violence than her debut EP with Newcastle label Steel City Dance Discs. Tracks like 'Psychic and Mental' pump you up with oscillating bass loops, while others like 'Partly Sunny' offer a nice cool down of ambient drum-and-bass. If 'Borderline' is anything to go by, you're better off not wearing socks when you listen to Overcast, because they're going to be blown clean off.

A booming kick and crisp, snare set a driving bass for one absolute monster of a synth hook. The track pulses around this hook as its envelope morphs, building up additional percussive elements and abstract sounds around the core element. There's not a lot to the track, but there doesn't really have to be when you've got a hook that threatening, and the stellar-sounding percussion does the rest of the work. It's not a track for thinking but a track for doing weird arm-thrashing dancing that's just shy of moshing.

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Like I said, I love music that sounds like it wants to kill me, and with 'Borderline' Nite Fleit stands up amongst other legends of industrial/acid techno like Rebel Yell and Lucy Cliche as examples of Aussie underground techno at its absolute best.

Check out her EP Overcast when it drops in March via Planet Euphorique.

Photo by WatArtists

Words by MAX LEWIS