Live Review: Be grateful we're in the 'Same World' as this Ninajirachi and Yates collab

11 May 2017 | 5:37 pm | Holly O'Neill

NINAJIRACHI has already hit a lot of milestones with her first single and she's set to hit even more with her latest collab with YATES called 'Same World'

NINAJIRACHI seems like she has it pretty together. She has an insanely viral debut track, has been picked up by label Sweat It Out for her sophomore release and has mastered the art of collaborating - and she hasn't even finished her HSC! After already hitting a lot of milestones with her first single, topping viral charts on Spotify and a spin by Zane Lowe on Beats 1 among them, she's set to hit even more with her latest release 'Same World' in collaboration with vocalist YATES.

Both now label buddies, Yates and Ninajirachi find perfect balance on this track. It was a collaborative writing experience as Nina explains of the track, "I found Yates' vocals to be really approachable and I loved the riff that he wrote. After I assembled the drums, 'Same World' really took shape."

Percussive sounds are really the foundation for this track, outside of a melodic bass and supporting pads, every sound and sample used is sharp and staccato. All these skittering arpeggios and catchy melodies play against each other creating a perfect head boppy beat. The sheer mass of layers of melody and percussion create a large sound that isn't too dense, still feeling light and fluttery.

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Yates' vocals echo over the production, soulful and insightful, his delivery and lyrics are about bringing people together. Looking past differences and focusing instead on similarities is also the story of this collab funnily enough. With one's background being in electronic production and the other as a singer/song writing, the two's 'Same World' is of course ~music~.

Ninajirachi has burst onto the scene pretty much fully formed, brimming with natural ability beyond her years. At the end of this year she graduates high school, and with all that free time on her hands you better believe we're going to have a lot more choice offerings from this talented producer. Remember this gal's name because this is just the start of big things from Ninajirachi.