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Live Review: Ninajirachi's immense talent is far from just 'Pure Luck'

24 January 2017 | 10:13 pm | Jackson Langford

Central Coast's Ninajirachi returns with another sonic gem in the form of 'Pure Luck', this time recruiting an old pal for vocals too.

Everyone hates an overachiever, and everyone especially hates an overachiever who is far younger than you are. We all know that Gretta Ray took out last year's Triple J Unearthed High award, but there remained a finalist who is exploding with talent all her own. That wunderkind's name is NINAJIRACHI, and much like the Pokémon, I assume her stage name is inspired by, she is truly a thing of rarity.

The Central Coast native's latest offering comes in the form of 'Pure Luck', a delicate tune that is going to set her up for a monstrous 2017. Splashed with hues of pastel pink and vivid blue, the song's light-as-a-feather melody wafts daintily along and is going to give any listener the vision of floating in the Caribbean or getting the massage of a lifetime. Ninajirachi is essentially a sonic masseuse - all your stresses will drift away with one listen.

However, Ninajirachi didn't bang this one out on her own. She had help from long-time friend Freya Staer. Having been mates since they were 10 years old, one would assume that their natural chemistry would flourish in this tune. But you'd be wrong, it doesn't just flourish - it hits full blossom. Staer's ethereal vocals lend perfectly to the soothing melody, yet she packs a punch with her voice in moments that it counts.

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I, for one, am bloody sick and tired of people younger than me having more creativity and talent in their toe then I do in my entire body, but, if 'Pure Luck' is any indicator of the trajectory Ninajirachi will take this year, I better get used to it. It's pretty easy to forgive her overachieving when it sounds like this!