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Live Review: Ninajirachi and Oh Boy team up for joyous club collab, 'Gardenia'

19 November 2018 | 4:40 pm | Holly O'Neill

You'd be hard pressed to find a track from young gun NINAJIRACHI that didn't leave you with a smile on your face. She's quickly become a master of producing fluttering melodies, choppy rhythms and glistening sound design. On her latest single in collaboration with Sydney producer OH BOY and released through her new fam at NLV Records, she proves she's got the formula down bringing us a new dose of bottled sunshine with 'Gardenia'.

Growing from a traditional guitar loop, glitchy samples and squeaks of percussion set the scene for a playful collaboration. What follows is three minutes of bounding melodies and joyous club sounds. Glossy synths arpeggiate, flutes samples are stretched and tweaked and layers of percussion weave through stabs of melody. Other than a few washes of pads and the occasional whoosh of chimes, pretty much every sound and sample in this track is sharp and to the point; there and gone in a second. And yet, Ninajirachi has managed to create an enveloping soundscape that's as lush as the flower the track is named after.


Across 'Gardenia' you can hear that Oh Boy and Ninajirachi really bring out something special in one another, with one's choppy jersey energy adding to the other's chirpy melodies and vice versa. Together, they toy with the empty space to fill it with cartoon SFX and idiosyncratic polyrhythms, and revel in snappy sampling.

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With every new release, Ninajirachi is proving to be one of the most exciting up and coming Australian producers. If 'Gardenia' is anything to go by, her upcoming EP Lapland set to drop early next year is set to be full of forward facing composition that's bound to get you smiling.

Find the single on your streaming or download platform of choice here.

Photo by Tiffany Williams