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Live Review: Nina Las Vegas shows a new side of herself on ballad 'Lucky Girl'

22 June 2018 | 9:20 am | Holly O'Neill

NINA LAS VEGAS has just released 'Lucky Girl' on her label NLV Records, announcing it as the first single off an upcoming EP of the same name, and showcasing to the world that the producer/DJ/songwriter/singer extraordinaire cannot be pinned down. Teaming up with SWICK, she swaps out high energy club for an intimate ballad, moving the tempo way down and lending her unique ear for sound synthesis and melody to a heartfelt piano singalong.

She's come a long way from sneakily adding her vocals to the tracks of her last EP, with every release since then pushing her own voice into the spotlight and now, on 'Lucky Girl', she's proudly showcasing her spacey delivery front and centre. Even under layers of vocal altering and autotune, her delivery is tender and raw, matching the gorgeous simplicity of the piano chords underneath it. Sprinkled over the track are cheeky squeaks and bubbling melodies, blending Swick's percussive additions and her own idiosyncratic club textures with the classic piano and vocal combo. Pure and heartfelt, the track is an ode to her friends as new mums to their girls and the connection Nina herself has to hers.

The music video, directed by visual artist EGO, blends intimate home videos, no doubt shot by her own mum, with DIY glitchy effects. As her lyrics light up at the bottom of the screen, footage of baby Nina at high school talent shows and eisteddfods meld into her current self in front of the piano. They're chopped, spliced and green screened together alongside glitchy shapes and pastel colours to match the jittery synths. As we see Nina Las Vegas singing over videos of her very early music career, it feels like she's singing to her younger self, reaching out and reminding her to cherish where she's at in that moment.

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With the release of 'Lucky Girl', Nina Las Vegas has set the tone for the rest of her incoming EP. Alongside collaborations from Vera Blue, Ecca Vandal and Ninajirachi, expect a futuristic take on the intersection of pop and club, attention to detail in the sound design and that addictive NLV spark.

Find 'Lucky Girl' on your streaming or downloading platform of choice here.

PHOTO BY Mishy Tran