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Live Review: Nina Las Vegas finally drops new EP, 'EZY Or Never'

17 April 2016 | 1:56 pm | Natalie Palmer

Only starting up her own Record Label, NLV Records last year, NINA LAS VEGAS has only again decided to show the world who's boss by dropping her own debut EP!

Only starting up her own Record Label, NLV Records last year, NINA LAS VEGAS has only again decided to show the world who's boss by dropping her own debut EP!

Entitled, EZY Or Never, this five-track electro-pop EP, Nina explores her charismatic vocals within three already heard tracks: 'Now Or Never' featuring C.Z and Swick, 'Contagious' featuring Florida’s Snappy Jit and 'EZY', premiered via FACT (and recently added to Triple J); as well as her two new tracks; 'Substitute' featuring Swick, and 'Right home'.

With each track containing its own individual pop and dance features, Nina really ventures out with her smooth synth blends and intensifying beats.

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After leaving her hosting crown at Triple J House Party in 2014, Nina has been making statements internationally ever since, even performing at one of the world's most prominent music events next week... Yes, you know it... NLV smashed her first Coachella set over the weekend, check the picture below for proof.


Words by Natalie Palmer